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About TCG Vault

What is TCG Vault?
TCG Vault will become the ultimate trading card game resource. At its core it will be a trading card database, allowing the user to search for any trading card from any of the games that we support.

Our aim is to provide users with the absolute best ways to search, filter and view cards from ALL trading card games, whilst providing a platform for brand new games to get the exposure that they deserve using the power of our network. We want to make it our mission to get more and more "indie" games known and being played and for this reason, shortly after we launch TCG Vault, we'll be working on adding as many indie games as possible!

How long have you been around?
TCG Vault is brand new, it has never been used and practically still has the wrapping paper on. There will be bugs, it won't work properly, it won't return the results you're expecting and it certainly won't have the features you're looking for... yet. We've actually been around for 7 years now; you may have heard of and We made them too, so we'd like to pretend we're fairly experienced when it comes to Trading Card Games and their data. We want TCG Vault to become a central hub for ALL Trading Card Games, we want to be the only resource you'll ever need. Ambitious? Of course. Achievable? Definitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Trading Card Games do you currently support?
At the moment we're fully supporting Magic: the Gathering, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and we're currently working on getting our first "indie" game, Conflicting Kingdoms, into the database.

When are you going to add more games?
Very soon. The idea is to get the site live using the card data we currently have thanks to our other sites. Once we're happy with the way the site is working and added all the features we deem to be important then we can start work on other games and getting them added.

I've created a Trading Card Game, can I get my game added to TCG Vault?
Yes, of course! We want to support everybody we can, you've made a game and we think it deserves to be played! We just need a couple of things from you first: Full card scans or original source files and your card data in an electronic format we can import into our database (xls, xlsx, csv, sql, tab delimited or pretty much any format you have). If you have a game you want to get into the TCG Vault database then send an email to newgame [at] and we'll see what we can do!

Can I have a copy of your database?
Probably not, no... What do you want it for?

What if I see something that doesn't look quite right?
Please use our reporting system and let us know about it. We have a huge database to look after here and we simply don't have the time or the manpower to trawl through every card to make sure it's right, but with your help we can be alerted to mistakes and fix them!


The trading card information and data shown on this website,, about Magic: The Gathering and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, both literal and graphical, is owned and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast and Blizzard Entertainment respectively. was not built by, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast or Blizzard Entertainment.